B2B Marketing for
Technology Companies


Depending upon your requirements, Candesco Marketing can be brought in to work as a full-scope marketing department or engaged to cover specific projects or campaigns. 

While some clients have already established solid marketing strategies or creative campaign ideas and mainly require execution, many clients value having the professional assessment that comes from Candesco’s expertise in the client discovery process. 

Candesco’s first step is to provide an assessment baseline for creating and executing on successful marketing initiatives and will include working with each client to determine:

-   An in-depth understanding of the client’s solution and marketplace.

-   Internal and external challenges that the client is facing in their marketing efforts.

-   The most effective messaging, campaigns and sales tools to drive awareness, lead nurturing and ultimately, successful customer acquisition in a complex sales cycle.

-   Additional marketing elements that need to be addresses to achieve the marketing goals.

Beyond executing successful marketing programs, the most important value that Candesco provides is the ability to deliver results and provide consistently reliable service.